Teachers with the Salsamania team

  • Ania

Ania is co-founder of Salsamania, which opened its doors at the South Norwood Polish Community centre in June of 2007.

She has a background in Polish traditional dancing and has been dancing with Karolinka Polish Song and Dance company since 1986. She was introduced to Salsa one day in 2000 and was swept away by the music and the nature of the dance, and has never looked back.

With a diploma in teaching of Polish Dance gained in 1990, Salsa was a challenge she could not resist, and was teaching Salsa to beginners within two years of learning. Within 18 months she was competing in amateur competitions, and with her Salsa partner at the time was placed 4th in the 2001 UKA British Salsa Championship and 3rd the following year, in addition to winning 1st place on three other occasions at local Salsa competitions over the years.

Ania brings a great deal of her Polish dancing experience to her Salsa teaching, in particular in her spinning. She is an upright and elegant dancer, and emphasises posture, styling and grace for the ladies in her teaching. Ania is a regular fixture at Salsa Holidays, Congresses and weekenders to expand and deepen her knowledge of Salsa with an aim to passing on what she has learned to her students.